There’s a strong need in growing the circular economy, as it seems that the linear one is at its maximum limit and at Ecostar, as a leading player in the manufacturing of machineries for the mechanical screening of wood waste and of other materials, our mission is to actively contribute to the development of this much needed global change.

At a global level, a research conducted by Global Market Insights states that the Wood, Paper & Paperboard Recycling Market is expected to reach USD 29 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of more than 4.1%. And there are several reasons for this market growth: the increasing demand for diverse applications, but at the same time the increasing demand for recycled wood as it contains a lower level of humidity than the fresh one, and therefore has a much higher strength and durability. This is important data that indicates a market growth that will also contribute to the containment of greenhouse gas production.

In Italy, according to Rilegno, 3t of wood packaging were on the market in 2017, of which 60% was recovered, starting from pallets, boxes, crates and cable reels coming from both wood screening systems operated by Municipal Administrations or private operators.

In the wood waste recycling industry, our Ecostar dynamic disc screening technology proves to be the most performing one, helping operators to achieve a higher level of productivity, as a Hexact machine with a 8m screen length can screen wood waste up to 200 t/h of, with low maintenance costs. Take a look at our wood section in the application page, and you will see our wood screening machines Hexact and Hextra in action when screening poplar wood, screening wet wood and screening wood chips.