The operational flexibility of Hextra, the mobile version of the Ecostar dynamic disc screen, is one of the most appreciated features by our customers. In case you didn’t know, Hextra can work with 2 different propulsion systems: thanks to its autonomous diesel generator it can reach even the most distant and inaccessible workplaces, or it can be connected to an electric network.

With Hextra you will always get the best results in any operating conditions. Hence, we can well understand how the Ecostar mobile disc screening technology is well suited to work without requiring any other changes, even in environments that seek zero emissions, such as inside sheds, thus safeguarding the health of whoever works in these closed spaces every day. The possibility of choosing the propulsion mode makes the mobile version of the Ecostar disc screen the most logical choice to buy when you also need to install, in a very short time and in indoor spaces, a high-performance screening technology. It is already equipped with a “Smart Hopper” loading hopper and conveyor belts for the distribution of screening fractions, without the need for designing, manufacturing and construction of a complete screening line.

The operational flexibility is further increased if we consider that the loading hopper and the conveyor belts are mobile and can be retracted into the shape of the machine for an easy loading and truck transportation; and the hopper is equipped with a hydraulic system that allows it to move forward and backward to exclude or not a fraction of sieving (passing from 3 to 2 fractions of product or the other way around). Finally, thanks to the inverters, the operator can easily vary the rotation speed of the screening surfaces, by adjusting more or less 30% the size of the product coming out of the screen.