SWAT is the patented Ecostar technology particularly efficient with materials such as PET and plastic, paper and cardboard and multi-material. SWAT can be installed on DDS screens in order to quickly change the screening section on-site according to the customer’s production needs and the material to be screened.

Top efficiency and on-site customization

SWAT discs consist of two semicircles with a double spiral which are mounted in series directly on the drive shaft between the hexagonal discs. Depending on the positioning of the SWAT discs, it is possible to configure different screening sections, ranging from 150 mm to 200 mm or from 200 mm to 100 mm, in just a few minutes. The installation can be carried out on site on operational DDS screens with screening sections starting at 100 mm and above. 

SWAT in action on a Hexact stationary screen

SWAT: optimized anti-wrapping separation

The double spiral shape pushes large materials upward, separating the oversize from the undersize more efficiently. In addition, the risk of material wrapping around the shaft is minimized and the quality of the separation is increased. 

On-site configurable screening section
Superfast assembly using a standard screwdriver
Wrapping reduced to a minimum
Top screening quality

Compare the technologies

Specific to materials
Compatible products
Anti-clogging system
Anti-wrapping system
On-site variable screening section
Separates wet materials
Flat profile discs
Discs material Hardox
Screening sections mm
Compost - Wood - Biomass - Metals - Tires - Glass - Car fluff - RDF/SRF -  Constructions and Demolitions - Incinerator Ash - Aggregates
Hextra - Hexact - Hexpert
Industrial Waste- Municipal Solid Waste - Organic Waste
Hextra - Hexact - Hexpert
Multi-material - Pet / Plastics - Paper and Cardboard
Hextra - Hexact - Hexpert
Handbook (+-50%)


Over 20 years of research and development

Created from the commitment of our R&D department, Ecostar products are used worldwide by the most important companies in the industry.
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News for SWAT

Easy One, the new screening machine and SWAT, the technology that allows operators to quickly modify the screening section on-site

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