This year, at Ecomondo, Ecostar presents HYPER Dynamic Disc Screening, a technology that perfects the separation of long and fibrous materials thus leading to a smoother and more precise waste processing and treatment.

Today, Ecostar screens benefit from the Dynamic Disc Screening technology, that uses a series of hexagonal or octagonal disc shafts with a flat profile. Thanks to this particular shape, the material slides on the screen discs and is subjected to an up and down motion that separates the waste, leading to a separate and clean portion ready for subsequent recycling recovery.
Starting from this unique technology, the company has designed the HYPER Dynamic Disc Screening (Hyper DDS), a technological solution that will accelerate and improve the separation of the long and fibrous materials found in the waste, such as plastic bags, plastic straps used for packaging, or organic waste compostable bags that can easily wrap around the shafts.

The Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening is based on a flap that is mounted next to each disc. The Hyper flap follows the rotation of the discs, picks us the plastic bags or straps that are mixed with the waste and spins the materials towards the end of the screen, preventing it to wrap around the shafts. Therefore, HYPER leads to an even more accurate materials separation while preventing the shafts from blocking and reducing machinery’s breakdown for maintenance.

Filippo Cappozzo, CEO Sales & Marketing Ecostar: “Innovation is in our DNA, so we always think ahead for new solutions that can respond to the growing challenges and needs of the industry. After having revolutionized the industry with DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening), with the Hyper DDS technology we introduce a new breakthrough that will perfect the separation of the waste, thus improving our client’s productivity and economics results.

The Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening is a patent pending technology and will be available starting January 2020, for Hexact stationary screens and for Hextra mobile screens.