Globally, there’s a growing need to develop new recycling projects and plants or update old ones and that is a fact. There are various objectives that need to be achieved, short and long term, and everyone will have to pitch in. Objectives that are driven by the urgent need in reducing global CO2 emissions, the European PNRR programs on sustainability and circular economy with a never seen before stimulus packages, or the new EU Waste Shipment Regulation which aim is to treat waste in a sustainable way within and outside the EU. All these programs demand and, at the same time, sustain countries into waste treatment and recycling. And today we have the means to succeed in achieving those targets and at once run a successful recycling business as we have the proper technology to treat waste in an optimal manner. In Ecostar, we have developed a new stationary screen, Easy One, to cover recycling operator’s growing demands and here are 4 things you should know about it:

1. Easy One was designed to treat specific materials at low and medium productions

If your business treats and recycles materials such as wood (biomass and waste wood), compost (both dry and wet, yet not sludgy), tires, or light pre-shredded C&D and you are searching for a simple-designed screen, yet highly resistant and precise in giving you a sized and clean material, this could be the right machine for you. Easy One was specially designed to work with low and medium productions, between 4 and 60 T/H depending on the material to be treated, and with pre-shredded materials. Why pre-shredded? Let’s take for example construction and demolition (C&D) material that generally is a mix of scrap wood, steel, concrete, aggregate, paper, glass that are usually contaminated with adhesives or dirt. Well, the separation of the material with Easy One is at the top when the incoming material is being downsized or reduced, meaning maximized productivity that turns into lower costs for the operator. The pre-shredded C&D gets equally distributed on the  entire screening surface and onto the flat profile discs that with an up and down motion efficiently separates it. The undersized material drops under the screening surface, passing through the gaps between the discs, while the oversized material advances to the end of the screening surface. The result is a clean fraction – aggregates are separated from the light material in an optimal manner, ready for recycling.

Specifically for C&D, Easy One can work two fractions when it comes to the Easy One 3000 model, and 3 fractions with the 4000, 5000 and 6000 versions. When it comes to compost, Easy One can perfectly handle a production capacity from 25 T/H up to 45 T/H and succeeds in screening the material at a 20mm section and up to a 100m section. Thanks to the shape of the discs, the compost does not build up on the screening surface but flows and is seamlessly separated. As the compost does not pile up, that means minimum wear of the discs and reduced chance of clogging and consequent downtime, thus you will have maximum production capacity at minimum wear and maintenance costs.

Moving on to wood, you probably know by now that this is one of the materials that our machines are great at treating – many of our clients have purchased our solutions to treat either waste wood or green waste or biomass. Our new machine, Easy One, works all kinds of wood and is super fit for operators who work low to medium productions, need to optimize their space and need a machine with low energy consumption. When working with wood, maintenance is highly reduced, which turns into a big plus for the operators, given that many of the plants run 24/24 h.

Last, but not least – tires. Easy One is super fit for shredded tires as the discs work like a “shaker”, meaning that they succeed in accurately separating the material into tire crumbs and oversize.

2. Easy One works best with low to medium productions

When it comes to tires, for example, Easy One works brilliantly with 4 T/H of shredded tires as minimum production and 16 T/H maximum productions. With C&D, it goes from 10 T/h to 30 T/H, while with compost as mentioned before it works at a capacity of 25 up to 45 T/H. With wood, Easy One works a minimum capacity of 30 T/H with the 3000 version and up to 60 T/H with the 6000 Easy One model.

3. It is possible for you to choose between 14 screening configurations

What does that mean exactly? Well, the new screener is available in four versions: from the 3000 model to the 4000, 5000 and the 6000, with screening surfaces from 3 to 6 meters in length. The lower the production, the smallest the version. And depending on the material that you need to process if it is 2 or 3 fractions, and the sections you need (that range from 20mm to 100mm) the Ecostar team can configure the right screen to suit your needs. It is therefore possible to choose among 14 precise screening configurations in the 4, 5, 6-meter versions and among 5 configurations in the 3-meter versions. For full details on possible sections for every material, you can go to this page.

4. Easy One is resistant and easy to work with

When it comes to waste treatment, nobody wants a complicated and difficult machine to handle. Difficult may be a lot of things: either when it comes to installation (as it does not fit the plant that is already in operation), frequent cleaning and maintenance that take up a lot of an operator’s resources, or low-quality separation. With Easy One, as with all our machines, we wanted to make screening easy and super-efficient, thus we wanted it to:

  • Be resistant: we’ve made it using high quality and high resistant materials, thus it will be durable in time
  • Minimize wear and maintenance operations: its traction shaft absorbs stress and vibrations that come from heavier materials
  • Have lower overall management costs: Easy One needs little cleaning and maintenance
  • Have a small footprint: our new screener can fit any type of plant. The machine is 1.3m large and variable in length, from 3m to 6m.

Separation precision, durability, reliability, savings in running costs, that is what Easy One has to offer to recycle operators in the waste treatment industry that are set to recover wood, compost, light shredded C&D, or tires.

If you are interested in Easy One and want to talk to one of our managers, you can fill in the questionnaire and one of our managers will contact you for a thorough discussion regarding your operating needs.