Landfill mining solutions

Ecostar systems for the mechanical separation of waste in landfills for the recovery of both materials and energy.

Recover valuable material with enhanced landfill mining 

Landfill waste is different from other waste: it can be a mixture of organic material and plastics or aluminum or aggregate. In addition, landfill waste varies in density or humidity. For accurate separation it is necessary to use a two or three fraction technology, such as Ecostar’s dynamic disc screens, which maintain the quality of the materials preventing unwanted waste from ending up in the valuable fraction.

Landfill mining with Hextra mobile screen

The advantages of Ecostar's solutions for landfill mining

Ecostar screening systems are efficient and adaptable to meet every need. Hextra is the mobile solution for those in need of operational flexibility to operate directly in landfills. Hexact is the modular stationary solution easily adaptable to space requirements, either in a new recycling line or in a pre-established and operational line. Ecostar screens can stand alone or in line with other machines.

DDS technology separates the valuable fraction from the waste material
Low power consumption
Anti-wrapping and anti-clogging system
Zero emissions during the separation process thanks to electric motors

DDS for landfill mining

DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) is Ecostar’s patented technology particularly efficient for landfill mining. This solution uses a series of shafts equipped with discs which make it extremely reliable. The material flows over the discs receiving a jolting motion which optimizes its separation.



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Landfill mining

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