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Hexpert is the customized turnkey screening system based on a modular design of the Hexact stationary screen and on the efficiency of Ecostar screening technologies. These elements enable us to create systems that simultaneously make the most of the available space and are extremely efficient. These fundamental characteristics translate into significant savings on the overall investment compared to traditional systems with the same production and separated material quality. 

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Ecostar’s engineering department is able to design turnkey Hexpert screening systems of any size and performance capacity from scratch, according to the productivity and space requirements.


Energy consumption

The efficiency of Dynamic Disc Screening technology enables the use of 7.5 kW electric motors for outputs of 20 t/h and energy savings of up to 70% compared to traditional screening technologies.

200 T/H

Hexpert is able to screen materials faster (1 m/sec), using less space and reaching productivity levels up to 200 t/h.

Fixed overhead costs

Thanks to the smaller space required compared to traditional screening technologies, our screening systems allow a reduction in investment costs (space, conveyor belts and steel structures) by up to 300%.

Configure Hexpert with the right technology for your needs

Visit our section dedicated to the available technologies and choose the one specific for the optimal separation of the material to be processed. Our DDS, HDDS, and SWAT technologies were developed to work better with the most difficult materials and to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

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  1. Brief: Contact us and fill out the form describing your request, we will send you a design proposal tailored to your needs. 
  2. Design: Our engineering department will use the most advanced design technologies to design your plant.
  3. Delivery: We have delivered screening systems on every continent that speak loud and clear about our quality. Request our references.
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