Choosing the optimal waste screening system has never been an easy job, as a wide range of technologies are available on the market today. Thus, one must put a lot of effort into researching each type of technological solution. That’s why we thought of making your choice easier and talk to you about the dynamic disc screening advantages over a traditional trommel system while focusing on the separation of non-hazardous urban waste into obtaining Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF). So, here are some of the DDS screens advantages.

SEPARATION FROM INERT AND ORGANIC MATERIAL. The hexagonal discs used by Ecostar cause the material to bounce along the entire surface of the screen, creating an initial separation in the air, along the entire screening surface.

REMOVAL OF STONES AND NO WRAPPING OF LONG AND FIBROUS MATERIALS. Thanks to the presence of loose sleeves around the transmission shafts, the twisting of long and fibrous materials and the wedging of stones between the discs are prevented, all problems that can be found on trommel type screens.


PRODUCTIVITY. Every year, we replace big trommel screens with Ecostar dynamic disc screens, guaranteeing the same production volume while halving footprint and power consumption.

When it comes to the separation of the non-hazardous urban waste, the Ecostar technology is more effective than trommel system as it is able to bring the percentage of contamination by inert materials, wood, and organic close to 0%.

Moreover, the Ecostar screen can be equipped with various types of discs: hexagonal, octagonal and decagonal, depending on the specific needs and whether it is necessary to remove stone and large aggregates without clogging the machine. As well, it is advisable to tilt the screen downward by 4° to optimize the separation, a level of flexibility that cannot be reached using a trommel screen.

So, these are some of the pluses of the DDS system over a traditional trommel screen when choosing an optimal machine for the separation of non-hazardous urban waste into obtaining RDF. For more information and an extended comparative analysis of the payback period of both technologies, Ecostar and trommel, you can download the case study attatched to the article.

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