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Biomass screening: the great potential to meet Europe’s energy needs

BIOMASS SCREENING AND CLEANING FROM INERT MATERIALS Biowaste is an immense potential resource and, if treated and processed well, it can turn into a powerful, productive and cost-effective source for clean energy production. Along with the recycling and biogas industries that have had significant growth over the past years, Ecostar has developed specific and very … Continued

4 February 2019

ECOSTAR material separator system advantages over a traditional vibrating screen system

ECOSTAR MATERIAL SEPARATOR SYSTEM ADVANTAGES OVER A TRADITIONAL VIBRATING SCREEN SYSTEM Ecostar material separators have many advantages compared with a traditional vibrating screens. Double production volumes with the same screening surface and up to 300% savings on additional structure costs is something that can really make a big difference for your investment decision DOUBLE PRODUCTION A traditional vibrating screen … Continued

17 December 2018

The operational flexibility of Ecostar disc screen: of propulsion but not only…

THE OPERATIONAL FLEXIBILITY OF ECOSTAR DISC SCREEN The operational flexibility of Hextra, the mobile version of the Ecostar dynamic disc screen, is one of the most appreciated features by our customers. In case you didn’t know, Hextra can work with 2 different propulsion systems: thanks to its autonomous diesel generator it can reach even the most … Continued

5 December 2018

The wood recycling global market to grow by 4,1% annually

THE WOOD RECYCLING GLOBAL MARKET TO GROW BY 4,1% ANNUALLY There’s a strong need in growing the circular economy, as it seems that the linear one is at its maximum limit and at Ecostar, as a leading player in the manufacturing of machineries for the mechanical screening of wood waste and of other materials, our … Continued

15 November 2018

Ecomondo 2018: Ecostar shows the benefits of its hexact modular screens

ECOMONDO 2018: ECOSTAR SHOWS THE BENEFITS OF ITS HEXACT MODULAR SCREENS At ECOMONDO 2018, Italy’s leading exhibition on renewable energy and environmental technologies, Ecostar will be exhibiting two Hexact dynamic disc screens, with a screening surface of 2 and 3 meters respectively. Hexact is the disc screen that uses the Dynamic Disc Screening (DDS) technology, … Continued

18 October 2018

Hextractor, light materials screening at best

HEXTRACTOR, LIGHT MATERIALS SCREENING AT BEST Hextractor is the innovative aeraulic screening system to screen light materials, sort plastic parts from wood, compost, msw, and multi-materials. The machine separates light materials with precision and in a small space by means of a double air flow, blown-in and extracted, during the screening process Hextractor works in … Continued

12 October 2018

Hextra screening shredded tires

HEXTRA SCREENING SHREDDED TIRES If you need to improve your tire recycling equipment, then you should watch this video. In July 2018, we filmed Ecostar’s Hextra 7000 3F mobile dynamic disc screen in action screening shredded tires. Using Hextra to screen shredded tires has the unique advantage of minimising wear on the secondary shredder, by … Continued

8 October 2018

Hextra Dynamic disc screen on tour in Australia

HEXTRA DYNAMIC DISC SCREEN ON TOUR IN AUSTRALIA Ecostar Hextra with Dynamic Disc Screen technology is on tour in Australia between the end of June and the beginning of July 2018. Hextra, Ecostar new mobile screen with Dynamic Disc Screening technology,  arrived in Australia for a stage of a tour that – thanks to the support of … Continued

12 July 2018