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Dynamic screens: Ecostar’s best materials screening machines, off to India

A LARGE NEW SHIPMENT FOR ECOSTAR Ecostar’s team has been working on this large order of dynamic screens Hexact, the best materials screening machines, now ready to be shipped to the client. Nine new large Hexact disc screens that are heading off to India will be working in seven different recycling plants and will be … Continued

21 May 2020

Ecostar launches “Expect Perfection” campaign

NEW COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN Ecostar presents its new communication campaign “Expect Perfection”. Ecostar has always been synonymous with the most advanced and refined technology in the mechanical separation of waste, today represented by the Dynamic Disc Screening patented technology. For the last 20 years, Ecostar has been revolutionizing the materials separation market, redefining standards in terms … Continued

15 May 2020

Reuse, repair, recycle

FULL SPEED TOWARDS A CIRCULAR ECONOMY WITH THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION NEW STRATEGY In March, the European Commission presented a new action plan, Circular Economy Action Plan, to accelerate the circular economy in the European Union. A strategy, that for the next decade, would reduce the consumption footprint and double the rate of reusing of the materials … Continued

3 April 2020

2019 Ecostar Results

2019 ECOSTAR RESULTS AND OUTLOOK FOR 2020 2019 was a significant year in the history of the Ecostar brand. In addition to the generational management change that took place in January 2019, the company saw its turnover grow by 16% compared to the already excellent results achieved in 2018. More customers have placed their trust … Continued

2 March 2020

Obtaining Refuse-Derived fuel (RDF) with the Ecostar Dynamic Disc Screens

THE ECOSTAR DYNAMIC DISC SCREENS ADVANTAGES IN SEPARATING NON-HAZARDOUS URBAN WASTE Choosing the optimal waste screening system has never been an easy job, as a wide range of technologies are available on the market today. Thus, one must put a lot of effort into researching each type of technological solution. That’s why we thought of … Continued

20 December 2019

Ecostar at Ecomondo 2019!

BIG SUCCESS AT ECOMONDO 2019 Ecomondo has been a great experience! A chance to meet old and new friends and get to talk about how Ecostar can help their businesses thrive on the market, while introducing them to our latest technology – Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening. How does the Hyper DDS work? It’s a technological … Continued

15 November 2019

Separation of long and fibrous materials

ECOSTAR LAUNCHES HYPER DYNAMIC DISC SCREENING TECHNOLOGY This year, at Ecomondo, Ecostar presents HYPER Dynamic Disc Screening, a technology that perfects the separation of long and fibrous materials thus leading to a smoother and more precise waste processing and treatment. Today, Ecostar screens benefit from the Dynamic Disc Screening technology, that uses a series of hexagonal or octagonal disc … Continued

4 November 2019

Three Hexact dynamic disc screens for the treatment of compost and solid waste in the Hera Group’s Bologna facility

ECOSTAR DYNAMIC DISC SCREENS COMBINE EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE WITH COMPACT SIZE, A SMALL FOOTPRINT AND LOW POWER CONSUMPTION The Hera Group is one of the largest national multi-utility companies in Italy. It mainly operates in the environmental (waste management), water and energy sectors, but it also provides services such as lighting and telecommunications. The group has … Continued

11 October 2019

How countries around the world tackle the issue of organic waste

HOW COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD TACKLE THE ISSUE OF ORGANIC WASTE 1 in every 9 people around the world is starving every day. Meanwhile, 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted every year, globally. Food is either lost in the harvest, storage or transportation stages or wasted by consumers or retailers and restaurants … Continued

19 July 2019

Ecostar strengthens its position in the Middle East and North Africa

ECOSTAR STRENGTHENS ITS POSITION IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA Ecostar has been operating in the Middle East and North Africa region for over 10 years, helping public and private recycling businesses to improve their processes, by offering them the most advanced and refined technology in the mechanical separation of waste – the Ecostar … Continued

16 May 2019

The custom designed waste screening system

THE CUSTOM DESIGNED WASTE SCREENING SYSTEM. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST MACHINE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. The Circular Economy Action Plan, adopted by the European Commission, has some ambitious targets for the next years in the EU – recycling 65% of the urban waste by 2035, and 70% of packaging waste by 2030. Moreover, reducing waste, … Continued

21 March 2019

ECOSTAR announces the new Board of Directors

ECOSTAR ANNOUNCES THE NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS Finding the right timing for a company generational change can be really demanding, but at the same time, necessary. The founder, Domenico Cappozzo, thanks to his entrepreneurial mindset and his constant drive for innovation and development that have been part of Ecostar for more than 20 years, has … Continued

14 March 2019