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Easy One, the new screening machine and SWAT, the technology that allows operators to quickly modify the screening section on-site

EASY ONE, THE NEW SCREENING MACHINE AND SWAT, THE TECHNOLOGY THAT ALLOWS OPERATORS TO QUICKLY MODIFY THE SCREENING SECTION ON-SITE ECOSTAR NEWS AT ECOMONDO 2021 Sandrigo, October 21st, 2021 – Following a long tradition of innovation in the material screening market, this year Ecostar launches two new products, namely a new stationary screen, Easy One, … Continued

11 October 2021

Hextra on wheels, Ecostar’s new mobile screening system

AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR RENTAL IN FRANCE Starting June, a new Ecostar mobile screening system Hextra on wheels is fully operational at our partners’ headquarters Lheureux Services in France. The Hextra on wheels is now available for sale or rental throughout France and is ready to help businesses active in the waste recycling market to … Continued

23 June 2021


COMPLETE SORTING LINE, ENTIRELY DESIGNED BY ECOSTAR, THE CASE STUDY OF PONIKVE KRK This is the story of Ponikve eko otok Krk utility company in Croatia, which in 2020 decided to implement a complete sorting line – Ecostar’s Hexpert system – to treat the green and organic waste from the island of Krk. Krk is … Continued

3 June 2021

Landfill mining

HOW TO RECOVER DUMPED WASTE WITH MECHANICAL SEPARATION While progress has been made in the past years regarding the management of waste, landfilling will not be eradicated in the near future, for a lot of reasons. Despite enhanced legislation, policy development and regulatory supervision, landfilling is still sought as the simplest solution to get rid … Continued

30 April 2021

Municipal Waste Management

WHY MANY OF THE EU COUNTRIES STILL CANNOT RECYCLE MUCH OF THEIR GENERATED MUNICIPAL WASTE At the beginning of 2021 news about waste floating on the Potpec accumulation lake in Serbia made the headlines around Europe’s news outlets. What would normally be a beautiful lake was then a dump, where one could see a thick … Continued

26 February 2021

The benefits of material screening

WHY SCREENING CAN INCREASE THE VALUE AND QUALITY OF THE MATERIALS Let us first start with a short background story on material screening, which isn’t as new of a process as one could think. The screening or sieving, or winnowing was used by ancient cultures for the cleaning of cereals, separating the grain from the … Continued

29 December 2020

How to optimize recycling in Africa & Middle East

ECOSTAR DYNAMIC DISC SCREENING TECHNOLOGY Many challenges affect the system of solid waste management (SWM) in Africa & the Middle East, starting from the source of waste generation. First, the general perception of households in the Region towards waste is that of indifference, apathy, or powerlessness, citizens thinking that waste sorting at home would not … Continued

27 October 2020

MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and biomass screening

A COMPARISON BETWEEN THE ECOSTAR DYNAMIC DISC SCREEN, HEXACT 8000, AND A TRADITIONAL DISC SCREEN IN A RECYCLING LINE IN ITALY This article uses real information from a municipal solid waste treatment and compost pretreatment plant where a traditional 8-meter disc screen was replaced with an Ecostar dynamic disc screen in the same size, an … Continued

27 September 2020

Waste management and recycling industry

THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 IN THE MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA The Covid emergency, as with many industries, has also challenged the waste management and recycling industry in the Middle East and Africa, with the market slowing down as general uncertainty kicked in. To top that, in the region, most of the protective personal equipment (PPEs) … Continued

20 August 2020

Plastic recycling

The plastic industry is one of the most powerful industries in Europe, ranking 7th, at similar levels with the pharmaceutical. In 2018, according to data from Plastics Europe, plastic production in Europe reached almost 62 million tonnes. In the same year, 29.1 million tonnes of plastic post-consumer waste was collected in the EU28+NO/CH in order to … Continued

26 June 2020

Dynamic screens: Ecostar’s best materials screening machines, off to India

A LARGE NEW SHIPMENT FOR ECOSTAR Ecostar’s team has been working on this large order of dynamic screens Hexact, the best materials screening machines, now ready to be shipped to the client. Nine new large Hexact disc screens that are heading off to India will be working in seven different recycling plants and will be … Continued

21 May 2020

Ecostar launches “Expect Perfection” campaign

NEW COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN Ecostar presents its new communication campaign “Expect Perfection”. Ecostar has always been synonymous with the most advanced and refined technology in the mechanical separation of waste, today represented by the Dynamic Disc Screening patented technology. For the last 20 years, Ecostar has been revolutionizing the materials separation market, redefining standards in terms … Continued

15 May 2020