Finding the right timing for a company generational change can be really demanding, but at the same time, necessary. The founder, Domenico Cappozzo, thanks to his entrepreneurial mindset and his constant drive for innovation and development that have been part of Ecostar for more than 20 years, has decided to delegate his children Emma, Fabio and Filippo Cappozzo as new Board of Directors to run Ecostar.

„After having spent a big part of my life in developing the family company, I decided it’s time to pass Ecostar to my children and dedicate myself to what I love most: innovate with regards to the Ecostar screens, so as to continue and develop the work and research that I have been doing for many years now. This generational change is only natural after years of investment in training and valuing the people in Ecostar, who have always been our true strength. Emma, Fabio e Filippo Cappozzo are now a strong cohesive team with the right abilities and spirit to preserve the values of the company and make sure that Ecostar continues to respond to its clients’ demands all over the world.”

This is how Domenico Cappozzo announces the change in the Ecostar Board of Directors, with the appointment of the new CEOs, and the start of his new venture with Ecostargreen, a company whose mission is to develop solutions and patents for the recycling machines.

The new managing directors of Ecostar, grateful for the appreciation of the work carried out in the past years and for the trust they were invested with by their father and founder of the company, express their wish on taking the company further. Emma Cappozzo, as Ecostar new CEO Administrative, Finance and Human Resources says: “Focusing on enhancing the Ecostar competences and the efficient administration of the organizational and financial processes is fundamental in maximizing the Ecostar potential in designing and manufacture innovative solutions for the treatment of waste.”

This potential has enabled Ecostar to maintain an annual double-digit growth trend over time, with a 50% increase in turnover, in 2018, compared to the previous year.

Based on these results, Filippo Cappozzo, CEO Sales & Marketing Ecostar, states: “2018 was a very successful year for our company, having launched on the global market performing products, such as the new mobile screen Hextra and the new stationary modular screen, Hexact. For 2019 we’ve set some ambitious objectives as well. Looking at the trends and demands of the market, and having in mind the mission of the company, that of a continuous process improvement able to benefit the environment and bring value to our customers, the company will launch new products on the market, that are very specific to particular materials so as to complete the range and provide to our clients a complete product portfolio.”

Fabio Cappozzo, CEO Production & R&D, identifies the element that the company will keep on investing: “Since the invention of the dynamic disc screen, Ecostar has been demonstrating it can respond to the growing and changing needs of the industry, introducing on the market new solutions and patents that have been able to guarantee customers the reliability and durability of Ecostar products over time. We therefore intend to continue to focus on innovation with the passion that distinguishes us as a company, and with a strong sense of responsibility towards our customers and our planet, by having the possibility to offer a major contribution as a player in the recycling industry.