Waste wood screening solutions

The best waste wood disc screening solutions

Excellent separation quality for wood scrap and top yield in less space

Ecostar screening machines are the most performant and economical for wood scrap screening and recycling, and guarantee fast and accurate screening in all conditions. An 8m long Ecostar screen can screen up to 200 T/H of scrap wood, even in small spaces thanks to the flexibility and compactness of the machines.
This is why, compared to machines that use traditional technologies, Ecostar solutions are far more efficient in treating and separating waste and scrap wood.

Hexact in action with wood for poplar panels

Hextra in action with green wood

Hextra in action with scrap wood

Recycled wood and the importance of the screening process 

To obtain a high quality final product, whether talking about low or high volumes (600 cubic meters) of scrap wood, a high quality screener is necessary to calibrate the material and efficiently separate the clean material from dirt and aggregate while keeping the operating costs low. Moreover, the use of Ecostar screeners in a recycling line for the processing of wood can reduce the costs associated with the wear on the secondary crusher by up to 40%.

The advantages of Ecostar solutions for wood scrap

Our screeners can work in line and in loop configuration with almost any type of shredder, separating scrap wood to the precise size. Thanks to the Dynamic Disc Screening technology, the screening systems benefit from low energy consumption reaching 22,5 kW for 100 T/H of treated waste wood.

from 15 to 200 t/h
10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, 150 mm
With wet materials

The best technology to screen and recycle scrap wood 

DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) is Ecostar’s patented technology for processing scrap wood. DDS allows real time changes to the predetermined screening section (± 30%), which can be obtained by varying the speed of the shafts with the help of the inverter. Moreover, it enables our machines to separate materials faster (1 m/sec), using less space and reaching a productivity level of up to 200 t/h.

DDS, patented technology for disc screens


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