PET and plastic screening

Screening of plastic to obtain secondary raw materials

Excellent multi-fraction separation quality

In the plastic screening sector, involving the processing of rather light materials, Ecostar screening machines mark the state of the art as they are capable of achieving high levels of separation in limited space, thus maximizing the value of even the higher quality plastics.

Hexact in action with plastics

Hexact in action with multimaterial, plastic included

Plastic and the importance of the screening process 

In general, post-consumer plastic packaging is recycled by large companies that process enormous quantities of plastic waste per year, from which they obtain different secondary raw materials, such as PET flakes, different granules or SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) from non-recyclable packaging. To obtain different raw materials it is necessary to use multi-fraction screens able to separate plastics accurately and quickly. 

The advantages of Ecostar solutions

With Ecostar solutions, bottles and film are separated from labels and caps, obtaining the best possible separation and significantly reducing downtimes.

from 5 to 20 t/h
20, 50, 100, 150, 200 mm
With wet materials

The best technology for screening plastic 

SWAT (Screening Width Adjustment Technology) is Ecostar’s patented technology developed for the screening of PET and plastic. It can be installed on DDS screeners in order to quickly change the screening section on-site according to the customer’s production needs. The installation can also be carried out on screeners that are already operational. Depending on the positioning of the SWAT discs, different screening sections can be set up in a few minutes, from 200 mm to 150 mm or from 200 mm to 100 mm. 


SWAT, screening technology for large materials


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