Paper and cardboard screening

Paper and cardboard screening and separation for a circular economy

Multiple screening sections and optimized separation for best productivity

Bulky materials require a larger screening section. Thanks to the multiple screening sections available, Ecostar can use either a standard screen or a two-stage screen to maximize the screening efficiency of paper and cardboard, with a processing capacity of up to 20 T/H.

Hexact in action with paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard: the importance of the screening process

The Italian paper sector is a European leader in the circular economy thanks to the commitment of citizens and the technologies used in the recycling sector. In fact, in the recycling of paper and cardboard it is also essential to use high-performance and economical screens, capable of separating material in various sizes to obtain high quality secondary raw materials. Ecostar screening solutions also guarantee efficiency in the use of space, thanks to the compact and reliable machines.

The advantages of Ecostar solutions

With Ecostar solutions, the separation of paper and cardboard is so simple, fast and efficient that it enables a production increase of up to +200% compared to traditional screens. The ability to separate materials in a small space and with low energy consumption make Ecostar screening machines unique on the market.

from 5 to 20 t/h
50, 100, 150, 200, 300 mm
With wet materials

The best technology for screening paper and cardboard

SWAT (Screening Width Adjustment Technology) is Ecostar’s patented technology for screening paper and cardboard. It can be installed on DDS screeners in order to quickly change the screening section on-site according to the customer’s production needs. Depending on the positioning of the SWAT discs, different screening sections, from 200 mm to 150 mm or from 200 mm to 100 mm, can be set up in just a few minutes.


SWAT, screening technology for large materials


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