Organic waste treatment solutions

Organic waste screening

Quality organic waste screening and maximum production capacity in small space

In the sphere of organic waste processing and shredding, Ecostar’s ecological separators offer the best results in separating organic and biological waste from plastics thanks to the innovative Dynamic Disc Screening system. Our technology guarantees an optimal separation of the organic material from municipal solid waste, which can be then used to produce both biogas and a very high-quality compost.

Thanks to Ecostar screening solutions, operators of landfills and composting and recycling plants and can benefit from efficiency and reliability in limited space, with a processing capacity ranging from 10 to 60 t/h.

Hextra separating the organic fraction from the municipal solid waste

The importance of the screening process for organic waste

Whether we are talking about composting plants or integrated aerobic or anaerobic digestion and composting plants, a high quality end product depends on screening as part of the recycling process. Ecostar’s screens guarantee a homogeneous product and an optimal separation of the organic waste (wet fraction and green fraction) from plastics or other non-compostable materials, as in the case of the separation of organic material from municipal solid waste. For an excellent separation of organic material from plastics, Ecostar has developed the HDDS technology, Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening, which is very efficient in separating particularly difficult waste thanks to its special flap. By hooking bags or stringy materials, this system pushes them forward and keeps them over the screening surface, so that the operator can obtain a non-contaminated material.

The advantages of Ecostar solutions

Ecostar responds to operator’s needs in the treatment of organic waste through both stationary and mobile screening solutions equipped with HDDS anti-clogging and anti-wrapping technology that allows an excellent organic-plastic separation, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity. Our advanced technologies guarantee the highest quality of the material while minimizing the maintenance and the cleaning of the screen. Ecostar machines can treat from 10 to 60 T/H of both dry and wet organic waste. 

from 10 to 60 t/h
20, 30, 50, 80, 100 mm
With wet materials

The best technology to screen organic waste

HYPER DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) is the patented solution developed to process waste containing long and filamentous materials, such as bags and plastic straps used for packaging, which can wrap around shafts, or plastic bottles that can get stuck obstructing the separation process. 


HDDS, screening technology for complex materials


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