Screening of multi-material and mixed materials

Excellent separation quality and high yield for mixed material waste

When talking about mixed material waste screening, Ecostar screens are extremely efficient as they are capable of reaching high production output in a small space, managing to recover the most valuable materials. Why is it important to screen multi-material? The screening process for mixed material separation plants helps to preserve natural resources and limits the environmental impact associated with the production of new materials by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

SWAT in action with multi-material

Mixed materials and the importance of the screening process

Multi-material often contains materials such as plastics, PET, metal cans, paper, glass, and other packaging, therefore the type of material to be treated can differ drastically depending on the collection center. With the Ecostar dynamic disc screens, it is possible to treat different types of materials thanks to the innovative patented SWAT (Screening Width Adjustment Technology). This technology allows to quickly modify the screening section on-site according to the production needs and the material to be treated. Ecostar screens for mixed material waste are designed to also separate caps, labels, inert materials, PET bottles, bottles, and various plastics such as films, bags, and large plastics. Ecostar’s screening solutions can separate the multi-material into fractions of 50, 150, 200, and 300 mm even in small spaces thanks to their flexibility and mobility.

The advantages of Ecostar solutions for the separation of mixed material waste

With Ecostar screening solutions it is possible to separate large quantities of multi-material, up to 15 T/H, in small spaces, while maintaining low energy consumption thanks to the 7.5 kW motors. Finally, thanks to the anti-clogging and anti-wrapping technology with which all Ecostar machines are equipped, it is possible to drastically reduce maintenance and spare parts interventions, consequently reducing the running costs of the machine.

from 3 to 15 t/h
50, 150, 200, 300 mm
With wet materials

The best screening technology to process multi-materials

SWAT (Screening Width Adjustment Technology) is the Ecostar patented technology specifically designed for mixed materials screening that can be installed on Dynamic Disc Screens (DDS) in order to quickly modify the screening section on-site according to the customer’s needs.


SWAT, screening technology for large materials


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