Glass screening to obtain new products

Excellent production capacity and quality of separation of glass from plastics

In the glass recycling and recovering process, the Ecostar dynamic disc screen proves once again to be the most efficient and cost-effective solution on the market as it guarantees high productivity and excellent separation from bags and plastics in general. An Ecostar machine can screen up to 50 t/h of waste glass.

Hexact in action with glass and plastic

The importance of the screening process in the glass recycling process

Why is it important to separate and screen glass from other waste materials? Making glass using raw materials is energy-consuming, also impacting on greenhouse gas emissions. So why should we start from scratch when recycling glass takes less time and less money? Moreover, in many cases, if correctly recovered and recycled, glass could be a viable alternative to plastics.

According to the latest data from Close the Glass Loop, the EU average collection of glass packaging for recycling was 80.1 % in 2021 and the industry plans to reach a 90% rate by 2030.
While the EU is doing good, Italy is at the forefront of glass recovery and recycling, which according to the Consorzio per il Recupero del Vetro has reached an 80,8% recycling rate in 2022, with an increase of + 4.2 percent from the previous year.

Glass can be recycled and repurposed many times, and the use of an innovative screening technology capable of processing large quantities of waste, such as that of Ecostar, can make the difference. Ecostar screens can be used to break glass on moving hexagons, separating it from bags and different plastics while moving along the screening surface. Furthermore, the use of the screen itself to break bottles ensures savings in the costs for other machinery.

The advantages of Ecostar separation and recovery solutions for the glass recycling industry

Thanks to their ability to break glass during the screening process, the Ecostar solutions can work by themselves, thus no other machinery is needed for that purpose. Their high production capacity combined with the resistance of the Hardox discs (used on all Ecostar machines) makes them particularly effective with abrasive materials such as glass. In the case of glass separation, the Ecostar Hardox discs are reinforced so as to last longer, while the maintenance of the screen is reduced to a minimum.

The 3 fraction screening is another Ecostar advantage when working with glass, making sure that operators get to separate the material at the desired size, by removing contaminants and other unwanted materials at the same time.

from 10 to 50 t/h
20, 30, 50, 80, 100 mm
With wet materials

The best technology to process and recycle glass

DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) is Ecostar’s patented technology particularly efficient for the processing of glass. 

Unique in its kind, DDS technology uses a series of shafts equipped with flat hexagonal or octagonal discs made of Hardox to guarantee maximum resistance. 

DDS, patented technology for disc screens


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