Screening of material from construction and demolition operations

Efficiency and quality screening in less space 

The Ecostar dynamic disc screen reduces the operating space necessary for the separation of aggregates from light material contained in construction and demolition waste, ensuring maximum efficiency and quality screening.

Hextra in action with C&D waste

C&D waste and the importance of the screening process

When it comes to waste from constructions and demolitions we are often speaking of large quantities, from 20 t/h or more, so the use of a screen has a greater impact when recycling is the purpose. Thus, if the quality of the separation must be optimal, with the material flowing over the entire screening surface, it is equally essential to have a screen which is sturdy and reliable over time, and which does not require continuous maintenance or replacement interventions.

The advantages of Ecostar solutions

Ecostar machines dedicated to C&D waste guarantee maximum efficiency, compactness and productivity. They optimize the use of space and reduce energy consumption. The quality of the materials and solutions adopted also translates into the maximum reliability and longevity of its components, thereby minimizing maintenance costs and consequent downtimes.

from 10 to 150 t/h
10, 30, 50, 80, 100, 200 mm
With wet materials:

The best technology for screening C&D waste

DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) is Ecostar’s particularly efficient patented technology for the processing of C&D waste. Unique in its kind, it uses a series of shafts equipped with hexagonal or octagonal discs with a flat profile, which are made of Hardox to guarantee maximum resistance and unparalleled reliability. 



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