Screening of Commercial and Industrial waste

Top screening performance and production capacity in less space: screening solutions for commercial and industrial waste

When screening commercial and industrial waste, the Ecostar disc screen decreases the operating space necessary for the separation of aggregate and metals from light waste in order to obtain clean fractions ready for the subsequent recycling phases. Moreover, thanks to the patented Ecostar technology, the operator in recycling plants can benefit from lower maintenance costs and higher productivity.

Hextra in action processing industrial waste

Hextra in action with commercial waste

The importance of the screening process for commercial and industrial waste

Commercial and industrial waste is a complex material as it is bulky and mixed with cardboard, paper, plastics, and films. To obtain a clean and homogeneous final material, an accurate separation from impurities or unwanted material is essential. Ecostar disc screening machines are equipped with an innovative technology capable of separating the material deriving from industrial and commercial activities into two or three fractions according to the operator’s needs. Furthermore, the Ecostar screens can be installed after the shredder, to separate the materials into multiple fractions, or before to clean the light fractions from aggregates and prevent the valuable material from being contaminated during the shredding phase with a subsequent reduction in maintenance and wear costs related to the shredder in question.

The advantages of Ecostar solutions for industrial and commercial waste

Ecostar screens are equipped with a patented and innovative technology that uses a series of hexagonal or octagonal highly resistant discs shafts with a flat profile, designed to treat particularly difficult materials such as C&I and at the same time guarantee reduced maintenance and wear costs of the screen, thanks to the top quality of its components. Furthermore, the patented HDDS (Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening) technology is equipped with an anti-wrapping and anti-clogging system that guarantee higher performance and reduced machine downtime as well as reduced cleaning. The other machines that operate in line with the Ecostar screener, such as the shredder, also benefit from less wear.
Additionally, the Hextra mobile screener can be equipped with a diesel or electric drive which makes it suitable for use both outdoors and indoors or where zero emissions are required.

from 5 to 50 t/h
10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100, 150, 250 mm
With wet materials

The best technology in the processing of commercial and industrial waste 

HYPER DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) is the solution developed to process waste containing long and stringy materials, such as bags and plastic straps used for packaging, which can wrap around shafts, or plastic bottles that can get stuck and obstruct the separation process.


HDDS, screening technology for complex materials


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