Biomass screening for the production of biofuel

Separation quality and top productivity in less space

The cost-effective production of biomass for energy is currently an important business activity if supported by the suitable quality of the available sources and the efficiency of the entire recycling process. Ecostar has developed specific and extremely efficient solutions for the biogas sector, in the screening of green compost resulting from pruning and deforestation activities.

Hextra in action with biomass

Hextra in action with biological waste

Biomass and the importance of the screening process

The processing and screening of biomass makes it possible to make any type of wood suitable for powering small, medium and even large power plants and boilers. To obtain the best performance, the ground biomass wood must be clean. It is precisely in this phase that disc screen technology is able to separate aggregates and dirt from the biomass and simultaneously separate the chips by size. 

The advantages of Ecostar solutions

Our screens provide excellent separation quality, even when the material is wet or mixed with plastics or dirt. High productivity and low energy consumption (with a 7.5 kW electric motor every 4 meters of screening surface) are merely the most obvious advantages of Ecostar stationary and mobile solutions.

from 10 to 200 t/h
10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100, 200 mm
With wet materials:

The best technology to screen biomass

DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) is Ecostar’s patented technology particularly efficient for the processing of biomass. 

The innovative disc shaft system processes the material through a jolting movement that optimizes its separation, ensuring maximum productivity and reliability.

DDS, patented technology for disc screens


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