Hextractor is the innovative aeraulic screening system to screen light materials, sort plastic parts from wood, compost, msw, and multi-materials. The machine separates light materials with precision and in a small space by means of a double air flow, blown-in and extracted, during the screening process Hextractor works in combination with Hexact, Ecostar dynamic disc screen. How does the new Hextractor aeraulic screening system work?
The hood extracts light plastic parts, leaves, and dust as the material flows over the modular screen.
The extracted material is placed in a first room, where the plastic and the leaves are deposited, while the powders continue in the “cyclone”, where they settle, and the air is expelled. The result is perfectly separate and clean material, ready for recycling treatments. By combining the strength of the air with the precision and speed of Hexact’s disc screens, Hextractor aeraulic screening system is the ideal screening system for separating plastic parts or light contaminating parts from any type of material, such as wood or compost. Even when it comes to sorting multi-material fractions, Hextractor aeraulic screening system separates light from heavy plastic much more efficiently, adding value to more materials in less time and increasing revenues.
Hextractor is the perfect example of ECO-STAR® dynamic disc screen difficult materials screening capability.