All is ready for IFAT 2024, where we’ll introduce Hextra’s new embedded features

The use of mobile screeners for on-site material processing is quite common, especially in industries such as construction and demolitions, landfill mining, and outdoor or indoor waste management but also in smaller-scale operations, remote environments or when multiple sites apply. Their flexibility, cost-efficiency in terms of transportation and high-volume operations, and adaptability to various environments make them a great choice. Having worked in different environments and with very different materials in so many parts of the world, enabled us to design a mobile system with unbeatable flexibility which has received some new features. Here are some of them, which combined with the advantages of the Ecostar patented technology DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) will offer extra returns to operators.

A mobile screener that grants more flexibility and higher productivity with the Smart Hopper

The Hextra mobile screener has an optional solution regarding the working capacity of the smart hopper: from the standard 4m³ up to 7m³ allowing operators for higher production. The hopper can be retracted allowing for easy transportation in case of usage on multiple sites and is equipped with a dosing screw that makes it easier to work in line or in a loop with shredders. The screening system can pass in real-time from 3 to 2 fractions or vice versa by a simple operation from the control console. The oversize material can return to the shredder, saving operators the cost of running multiple screens.

A mobile screener that allows the management of heavy and sticky materials

Heavy and sticky materials pose several challenges in the recycling process including strain on equipment, and contamination risks, thus impacting on sorting efficiency and product quality as well as affecting overall recycling rates. To best serve operators, the Hextra features 22° max inclination belts for heavy materials, new fine and medium screening deck fraction configurations for materials such as compost, biomass or wood, and new shafts especially developed for very sticky waste.

A mobile screener that works in high-temperature environments and with seamless movement

Whether indoor or outdoor, high temperatures can put a strain on the recycling process and systems, leading to reduced processing speed, easier contamination from pollution and dust and higher energy consumption. Thus Hextra has new air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems to prevent overheating and maintain optimal operating temperature.

In terms of track movement, the hydraulic system has been upgraded, thus controlling the machine on site or in case of transportation has never been faster.

Here are a few examples of the Hextra mobile screen operating in different environments with materials such as MSW, C&I and sludgy compost.

Hextra, the mobile screening solution to screen compost from organic waste

Here’s the mobile screen HEXTRA standing alone, which separates compost from organic waste, both dry and wet, into three fractions of 0-20mm, 20-70mm and + 70mm oversize in a plant in northern Italy. The screening system is equipped with our special infeed worm designed for super heavy compost that breaks the material into pieces before entering the screening surface. This way, the impact on the surface is reduced.

Hextra screening system in action with industrial waste in line with shredder

This is a great example of the mobile machine working in line with a shredder with the smart hopper receiving the waste from the Inventhor. The machine features the Ecostar patented anti wrapping and anti-clogging technology and works the material into 3 fractions.

The mobile screening solution for landfill remediation

Here we are in a plant where landfill waste is being treated with the HEXTRA mobile screen into two fractions where inerts are separated from plastics. The waste is mixed with long and filamentous materials which thanks to the DDS technology pass onto the screening surface, not wrapping around the shafts. The screen is equipped with discs made of Hardox, which stand the impact of large stones and rocks.

At IFAT you will have the opportunity to talk about customized mobile solutions for your materials and plant with our experts and find out more about the new Hextra features. If you want to meet the team, you can request your entrance ticket here.