If you need to improve your tire recycling equipment, then you should watch this video. In July 2018, we filmed Ecostar’s Hextra 7000 3F mobile dynamic disc screen in action screening shredded tires.

Using Hextra to screen shredded tires has the unique advantage of minimising wear on the secondary shredder, by using it only on already-screened thin material. Thanks to its special roll-off metering auger, Hextra can operate in a loop with any model of shredder, separating the material into the desired fractions and returning the oversize material to the shredder.

Hextra 7000 3F features three screening fractions for screening shredded tires, from 0 to 20 mm, from 20 to 50 mm and over 50 mm, with a tire screening capacity of up to 25 t/h.

Ecostar’s DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) technology prevents twisting and clogging of the material being screened, thus increasing productivity and reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Hextra is the perfect example of Ecostar’s ability to process hard-to-manage materials.