Starting June, a new Ecostar mobile screening system Hextra on wheels is fully operational at our partners’ headquarters Lheureux Services in France. The Hextra on wheels is now available for sale or rental throughout France and is ready to help businesses active in the waste recycling market to achieve their business goals.

The Hextra mobile screener on wheels is equipped with a 7 meters screening length, 3 fractions, and a SMART HOPPER, and can treat every kind of material: from RDF and MSW to incinerator ashes, waste wood, biomass, aggregate, soil and stones, tires, organic waste, car fluff, or constructions & demolitions.

The new disc screen Hextra on wheels comes along with Ecostar’s DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) technology that uses a series of shafts with hexagonal or octagonal flat discs made of Hardox to ensure maximum wear and abrasion resistance. Thanks to this special shape, the material flows over the screening discs and is subjected to up-and-down movements that separate the waste components. The screened material falls through the screening plane, that is, through the spaces between the discs; the material that remains on the discs is conveyed to the end of the screening plane itself. The result is a separate and clean fraction, ready for the respective recycling processes. The anti-wrapping system, with which the machine is equipped, prevents the long and fibrous parts of the material being screened to twist around the shaft, thus facilitating its easy separation and considerably reducing the machine downtime. Moreover, the DDS technology allows real-time changes to the predetermined screening size (±30%), which can be made by varying the speed of the shafts with the aid of the inverter.

If you think that Hextra on wheels might be a fit for your business do not hesitate to get in touch.