Our aim is perfection and we will go to any lengths to achieve it. That is why you can expect to turn your recycling line into a more efficient, flexible and accurate system, thanks to the performant Ecostar screens.

In Loop, Before or After the shredder for higher performance

The Ecostar screens, Hextra and Hexact, can work in line after the shredders, in Loop with the shredders or, whenever necessary, before the shredders allowing savings on work cycles, a more accurate material separation and savings on investment costs.

Ecostar vs traditional screening systems

Ecostar vs. trommel/rotary screen

The Ecostar material separator/disc screener is superior to a trommel /rotary screen, as it guarantees higher productivity and increased flexibility. They also produce a better quality screened product, and offer a reduction in investment and maintenance costs.

Ecostar vs. star screens

The Ecostar material separator/disc screener is superior to the star screen system as it offers increases performance, efficiency and adaptability in screening any type of product. The Ecostar dynamic disc screener also has a longer life span, as the star screens tend to deteriorate over time.

Ecostar vs. Vibrating/Oscillating screens

An Ecostar material separator system is superior to a vibrating screen in terms of productivity, lower investment and maintenance costs, and produces a better quality screened product.

Discover more about the Ecostar screening system

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