On average, each EU inhabitant generated 1.8 tonnes of waste in 2018, excluding major mineral waste, according to Eurostat. Most probably, in 2020, with the pandemic we managed to generate less waste, but as economic activities picked up in 2021, we are right back where we started. We generate more and more waste thus policies are put in place and efforts must be made to recover and reuse as much resources as possible, thus accelerating the transition to a circular economy. One way to accelerate this process is by using performant recycling technologies that add value to both your business and environment. That is what we will show you at IFAT 2022: how you can achieve more, including higher business margins with Ecostar screening machines and latest technologies.

Higher business margins come from having a quality recovered material to work with, especially when it comes to materials such as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), C&I (Commercial and Industrial) waste, Organic and Landfill waste. When it comes to these 5 materials, the separation is of utmost importance, and it can be really difficult to achieve without a 2 or 3 fractions technology able to select the valuable materials accurately. But let’s see some of the challenges that these materials bring and our best solutions that you can find out about at IFAT 2022.

Municipal Solid Waste

With Ecostar screening solutions your recycling process is simplified as you can either recover the organic waste fraction for biogas, biomethane and compost production or the light fraction for RDF production. What simplifies it is our patented technologies, Dynamic Disc Screening and Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening, with anti-wrapping and anti-clogging systems that separate the difficult materials with a tendency to get stuck between the shafts or twist around the discs. When wrapping and clogging happen, frequent downtime of the machine happens, meaning longer time spent in maintenance and higher maintenance costs.

Separation results with DDS and HDDS are outstanding and reduction in maintenance hours it’s high: one quick example is that of an Hexact 8000 installed within an MSW and compost pre-treatment plant in Italy where the client got -90% of maintenance cost /year compared to the previous installed screener. The difference comes from a reduction of the maintenance hours: 60 hours with our stationary screener, Hexact vs 600 hours.

Ecostar IFAT 2022

RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)

For an operator to get a high-quality RDF, a 2 or 3 fractions screener is of utmost importance as RDF is of value when accurately separated from inerts, organic material, or other contaminants. Thanks to the shape of the discs on our Dynamic Disc Screening technology, that can be either hexagonal, octagonal or decagonal (depending on the operator’s needs in removing contaminating materials) the material bounces on the entire screening surface, thus the separation is initiated in the air. Stones and long materials are removed, thanks to the anti-wrapping and anti-clogging system, consequently, operators get a quality separation where the contamination is close to 0.

IFAT Ecostar

Landfill waste

Landfill waste is tricky for so many reasons: in the case of an old landfill, for example, the waste has different weight, moisture, it’s wet and sticky, many times it has been already scavenged from informal workers in search of reusable waste, thus it becomes difficult to separate. In Ecostar we have a broad experience in making the most of the landfilled waste as over 150 of screening machines are employed around the world in treating fresh and old MSW for energy purposes.

See our machines in action

At the Ecostar booth you will be able to check out our machines in action with various materials through videos we shot around the world, within our client’s recycling plants. We are to display our stationary screen Hexact, a modular solution designed to separate the most difficult materials while providing high performance in terms of productivity, quality separation, and consumption. At the same time, our patented technologies, Dynamic Disc Screening (DDS), Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening (HDDS) and Screening Width Adjustment Technology (SWAT), designed for the treatment and separation of specific materials will be displayed. Our managers will be showing you how our screens perform in different plants of the world, real situations for you to have a 360° view on their performance and results. At IFAT you will also be able to book a demo with our Hextra mobile screener, to see its performance with your materials in real-time.

Small footprint, low consumption and environmentally friendly

Our screening solutions have a small footprint, meaning they can fit your available space. Moreover, a reduced footprint results in the reduction in structure investment costs: for example, our stationary screens Hexact and Easy One require smaller space compared to traditional screening technologies, enabling a reduction in investment costs (space, conveyor belts and steel structures) by up to 300%.

Equipped with 7.5 kW motors, our machines can save up to 70% energy costs compared to traditional screening technologies, and that thanks to the efficiency of the Dynamic Disc Screening technology.

Hextra, our mobile solution, is equipped with 2 propulsion systems: a diesel generator that makes Hextra the perfect solution for distant and difficult to access workplaces, or an electric socket. Ecostar mobile disc screening technology is well suited to work without requiring any other changes, even in environments that seek zero emissions, such as inside sheds, thus safeguarding the health of whoever works in these closed spaces every day. The machine is equipped with conveyor belts for the distribution of the screened fractions, and a SMART HOPPER, thus operators don’t need to design, manufacture, and construct a screening line.

To know more about our screening solutions and technologies come visit us in B6 Hall, Booth 429 /528, IFAT 2022.