Ecostar has been operating in the Middle East and North Africa region for over 10 years, helping public and private recycling businesses to improve their processes, by offering them the most advanced and refined technology in the mechanical separation of waste – the Ecostar Dynamic Disc Screening.

With one mission in mind, that of developing a strategic sector for environment protection, while ensuring greater professional and economic benefits for its customers, Ecostar strengthens its position in the Middle East and North Africa and brings on board Sara Dallastaas Business Developer for this area.

A PhD candidate in environmental engineering, with a master’s degree in Politics & Economics of the MENA region, Sara has a wide expertise in the development of sustainable business, also gained as Business Development Manager for the BioEnergy company in Egypt, specialized in RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). Sara, who will be based in the Cairo offices, will be helping businesses in the MENA region to thrive in the market by benefiting from the Ecostar advanced screening technology.

“I am very excited about this new professional challenge and my collaboration with Ecostar, as I really believe the technology that they’ve designed in more than 20 years of work can definitely make a difference for the waste management businesses in the region. Apart from all the technical advantages of the Dynamic Disc Screening, the fact that it is easily adapted to specific waste streams that can highly vary in a fragmented waste management system, such as the one present in most of the MENA countries, will help businesses develop in a much faster pace as before”, says Sara Dallasta, Business Developer Ecostar for MENA.

With a fast-growing population and an eye for environmental protection, waste management has become one of the many priorities in the region, taking its place on the governmental agendas, while also being an attractive opportunity for the private sector. Middle East countries are taking relevant steps to decrease the consumption of fossil fuels – UAE is taking the lead on tackling the environmental crisis in the Middle East, in Egypt, the demand of RDF continues to rise, Morocco has adopted the National Strategy for Sustainable Development, thus waste management has become a primary concern.

On the arrival of Sara Dallasta in the Ecostar team, Filippo Cappozzo, CEO Sales and Marketing, says: “Solid waste management has always been a complex matter involving technical,  economic, political and social dimensions. Travelling in the MENA region along the years and armed with a curiosity in understanding the operational context of our customers, I realized that in order to better respond to their specific demands, we needed a dedicated business expert and developer of the area. So, we are very happy to welcome Sara in the Ecostar team.”