Following 25 years of technological innovation in the treatment of waste and recyclable materials, Ecostar celebrates its 25th anniversary and the opening of a brand-new office. Set to bring its contribution to a more efficient recycling industry, by recovering and enhancing the value of materials, the company is now present in 49 markets with over 600 screening machines and continues to invest in its growth.

“We are living in such times where the recovery and use of recyclable materials must overcome the creation of waste to not end up depleting Earth’s resources. That is what we have been doing for the last 25 years, by designing solutions and technologies to enhance the value of resources and return them to the economy. We are keen to continue to invest in innovation that has been in our DNA since the founding of the company in 1997 by Domenico Cappozzo, to benefit the environment and customers all together” states Filippo Cappozzo, CEO Sales & Marketing Ecostar.

Since its founding, the company has developed and registered 5 technological patents from which have also been developed the three technologies known today as Dynamic Disc Screening (DDS), Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening (HDDS), and SWAT (Screening Width Adjustment Technology), each designed to treat specific materials and improve the quality of separation in any condition.

About the company’s future R&D investments Fabio Cappozzo says: “Thanks to our dynamic disc screen we have witnessed positive results in different markets, both in terms of quality of screening and environmental impact, thus the outcome drives us even more into continuing our R&D investments. We have upcoming ambitious projects to complete our offer and respond to the ever-growing needs of the market.”

In marking its 25 years, Ecostar has a brand-new headquarters to foster team growth and innovation. The new space in Sandrigo includes company offices and the production line, and a renewable energy system stands among its new design features.

“We are in constant growth with new colleagues entering the Ecostar team, thus marking our anniversary with a new headquarters makes us even happier. While having embraced more flexibility in the way we work, we feel that this investment in the new offices will help us become a stronger team, have a greater quality of life at the office, and bring more new ideas to life” says Emma Cappozzo CEO HR, Finance and Administration.

Ecostar. The beginning, the expansion, and the future

Ecostar was founded in 1997 by Domenico Cappozzo, following over 20 years of experience in the agriculture industry as a tractor and agricultural machinery dealership. In 1996, after having provided an Italian recycling plant with a  screening machine brought in from abroad that was making the recycling process more difficult because of frequent clogging, ideating a solution that would reduce clogging to a minimum came to mind. That’s how the Dynamic Disc Screening technology and the stationary screen were born and were soon to be integrated into recycling plants to bring better screening results and reduce downtimes.

25° Ecostar_vagli

From that moment on, the process of innovation in designing and developing technological solutions to treat waste and recyclable materials efficiently began. We refer to the DDS technology, which has revolutionized the screening of materials, the HDDS and SWAT technologies, the Hexact stationary screen, the Hextra mobile screen launched in 2017, and the Easy One stationary screen that was added to the product range in 2021.

25° Ecostar collaudo Hextra Easy One

In 2019, Domenico Cappozzo decided to delegate his children Emma, Fabio, and Filippo Cappozzo as new Board of Directors to run the company, a strong cohesive team that continues Ecostar’s expansion worldwide, by designing and manufacturing new screening systems and technologies. That is how the HDDS and SWAT technologies come to life, while in 2021, a new stationary screener – Easy One – hit the market. Today, the company takes on new projects, partnerships, and new markets set to bring further value to the industry and the environment.

Ecostar is excited to celebrate its 25 years anniversary and success by also bringing together worldwide partners supporting the company on the path of growth, in an event in Sandrigo. This is an ideal occasion to initiate projects and inaugurate together the new company headquarters.

On this particular day, Ecostar would like to thank all customers, partners, and collaborators around the world that have made this journey possible.

Thank you from the part of the entire Ecostar team!