Ecomondo has been a great experience! A chance to meet old and new friends and get to talk about how Ecostar can help their businesses thrive on the market, while introducing them to our latest technology – Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening.

How does the Hyper DDS work? It’s a technological solution that perfects the separation of the long and fibrous materials found in the waste. Based on a flap, that is mounted next to each disc, following the rotation of the disc itself, the Hyper flap picks up the plastic bags or straps that are mixed with the waste and spins the material towards the end of the screen, preventing it to wrap around the shafts. The result? An accurate separation and reduced machinery downtime for maintenance.

The Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening is a patent pending technology and will be available starting January 2020, for Hexact stationary screens and for Hextra mobile screens.

To everyone that stopped by our stand, a big thank you!

Take a look at some pictures taken during the tradeshow: