At ECOMONDO 2018, Italy’s leading exhibition on renewable energy and environmental technologies, Ecostar will be exhibiting two Hexact dynamic disc screens, with a screening surface of 2 and 3 meters respectively.

Hexact is the disc screen that uses the Dynamic Disc Screening (DDS) technology, in modular 2 or 3-meter sections. Being more efficient than traditional screening systems, the Dynamic Disc Screening technology allows smaller screening surfaces to be used, which together with the modular construction of Hexact makes it possible to assemble machines of varying length (from 2 meters up), according to the actual requirements and the free space available. This means significant savings in the upfront investment costs needed to build the recycling plant, in fact, the costs relating to space and auxiliary equipment, such as conveyor belts and support structures, are reduced. The Hexact disc screen lowers costs relating to structures by up to 800% and costs for conveyor belts by up to 30% compared to traditional screens.

The efficiency of the Dynamic Disc Screening technology also means just one 7.5 kW electric motor is needed for every 20 t/h of material screened. This makes the Hexact disc screen very cost-effective in terms of power consumption, saving up to 70% when compared to traditional screening systems.

Ecostar’s Dynamic Disc Screening technology is a patented system that can precisely screen any type of material, minimizing twisting and clogging, as well as reducing downtime and cleaning and maintenance costs.