Sandrigo, October 21st, 2021Following a long tradition of innovation in the material screening market, this year Ecostar launches two new products, namely a new stationary screen, Easy One, and new screening technology, SWAT, that can be installed on all Hexact and Hextra screening solutions, with screening sections from 100mm.

Easy One. Precision, Durability, Reliability, Savings in running costs  

Easy One is the Ecostar disc screen specially designed to screen waste materials such as Compost, Tires, Aggregates and Wood. Its name sums up its mission: to make difficult tasks easy while minimizing problems.

Easy One was designed to accurately separate simple materials, and reinforced to withstand impacts from heavy materials. Easy One’s new traction shafts absorb stress and vibrations to minimize wear and maintenance operations.

Customers can choose from up to 14 screening sections to find the best solution for their type of material, composition and size.

The new stationary screen, Easy One, is made of high quality and highly resistant materials allowing it to reach production volumes up to 60 T/H, depending on the material treated.

SWAT (Screening Width Adjustment Technology)

SWAT is the Ecostar patented technology that can be installed on Dynamic Disc Screens (DDS) in order to quickly modify the screening section on-site according to the customer’s production needs and the materials to be treated.

SWAT discs consist of two semicircles with a double spiral which can be mounted in series directly on the drive shaft between the hexagonal discs. Depending on the position of the SWAT discs, it is possible to configure different screening sections (from 200 to 150 mm or from 200 to 100 mm) in just a few minutes. Installation can be carried out on site even on screens that are already operational.

SWAT is a separation system designed in particular for screening PET and plastic, multi-material, paper and cardboard. The SWAT system can be used on all Ecostar screens equipped with DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) technology, with screening sections from 100 mm.

Filippo Cappozzo, CEO Sales & Marketing Ecostar: “With Easy One we are extending our product range with a machine designed to screen specific materials while maintaining the high separation precision and low operating costs that have always distinguished our products. Moreover, we are expanding our separation technologies’ offer with SWAT, that apart from allowing the on-site variation of the screening section was designed to treat specific materials.

Contrary to traditional screens, we have decided to not follow a “One fits all” philosophy, but to design specific technologies for particular groups of materials. This way, our customers can choose among three technologies to equip our screening machines with: DDS, HDDS and SWAT, each of them excelling on treating certain materials.”