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Municipal Waste Management

WHY MANY OF THE EU COUNTRIES STILL CANNOT RECYCLE MUCH OF THEIR GENERATED MUNICIPAL WASTE At the beginning of 2021 news about waste floating on the Potpec accumulation lake in Serbia made the headlines around Europe’s news outlets. What would normally be a beautiful lake was then a dump, where one could see a thick … Continued

26 February 2021

The benefits of material screening

WHY SCREENING CAN INCREASE THE VALUE AND QUALITY OF THE MATERIALS Let us first start with a short background story on material screening, which isn’t as new of a process as one could think. The screening or sieving, or winnowing was used by ancient cultures for the cleaning of cereals, separating the grain from the … Continued

29 December 2020

How to optimize recycling in Africa & Middle East

ECOSTAR DYNAMIC DISC SCREENING TECHNOLOGY Many challenges affect the system of solid waste management (SWM) in Africa & the Middle East, starting from the source of waste generation. First, the general perception of households in the Region towards waste is that of indifference, apathy, or powerlessness, citizens thinking that waste sorting at home would not … Continued

27 October 2020

MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and biomass screening

A COMPARISON BETWEEN THE ECOSTAR DYNAMIC DISC SCREEN, HEXACT 8000, AND A TRADITIONAL DISC SCREEN IN A RECYCLING LINE IN ITALY This article uses real information from a municipal solid waste treatment and compost pretreatment plant where a traditional 8-meter disc screen was replaced with an Ecostar dynamic disc screen in the same size, an … Continued

27 September 2020

Waste management and recycling industry

THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 IN THE MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA The Covid emergency, as with many industries, has also challenged the waste management and recycling industry in the Middle East and Africa, with the market slowing down as general uncertainty kicked in. To top that, in the region, most of the protective personal equipment (PPEs) … Continued

20 August 2020

Dynamic screens: Ecostar’s best materials screening machines, off to India

A LARGE NEW SHIPMENT FOR ECOSTAR Ecostar’s team has been working on this large order of dynamic screens Hexact, the best materials screening machines, now ready to be shipped to the client. Nine new large Hexact disc screens that are heading off to India will be working in seven different recycling plants and will be … Continued

21 May 2020

Separation of long and fibrous materials

ECOSTAR LAUNCHES HYPER DYNAMIC DISC SCREENING TECHNOLOGY This year, at Ecomondo, Ecostar presents HYPER Dynamic Disc Screening, a technology that perfects the separation of long and fibrous materials thus leading to a smoother and more precise waste processing and treatment. Today, Ecostar screens benefit from the Dynamic Disc Screening technology, that uses a series of hexagonal or octagonal disc … Continued

4 November 2019

How countries around the world tackle the issue of organic waste

HOW COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD TACKLE THE ISSUE OF ORGANIC WASTE 1 in every 9 people around the world is starving every day. Meanwhile, 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted every year, globally. Food is either lost in the harvest, storage or transportation stages or wasted by consumers or retailers and restaurants … Continued

19 July 2019

The custom designed waste screening system

THE CUSTOM DESIGNED WASTE SCREENING SYSTEM. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST MACHINE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. The Circular Economy Action Plan, adopted by the European Commission, has some ambitious targets for the next years in the EU – recycling 65% of the urban waste by 2035, and 70% of packaging waste by 2030. Moreover, reducing waste, … Continued

21 March 2019

Biomass screening: the great potential to meet Europe’s energy needs

BIOMASS SCREENING AND CLEANING FROM INERT MATERIALS Biowaste is an immense potential resource and, if treated and processed well, it can turn into a powerful, productive and cost-effective source for clean energy production. Along with the recycling and biogas industries that have had significant growth over the past years, Ecostar has developed specific and very … Continued

4 February 2019

The operational flexibility of Ecostar disc screen: of propulsion but not only…

THE OPERATIONAL FLEXIBILITY OF ECOSTAR DISC SCREEN The operational flexibility of Hextra, the mobile version of the Ecostar dynamic disc screen, is one of the most appreciated features by our customers. In case you didn’t know, Hextra can work with 2 different propulsion systems: thanks to its autonomous diesel generator it can reach even the most … Continued

5 December 2018

The wood recycling global market to grow by 4,1% annually

THE WOOD RECYCLING GLOBAL MARKET TO GROW BY 4,1% ANNUALLY There’s a strong need in growing the circular economy, as it seems that the linear one is at its maximum limit and at Ecostar, as a leading player in the manufacturing of machineries for the mechanical screening of wood waste and of other materials, our … Continued

15 November 2018