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The waste recycling and management market in 2022

HOW WELL DID 2022 GO AND WHERE IS THE WASTE MANAGEMENT MARKET HEADED IN 2023 Following two years of global pandemic, the waste recycling market has dealt with different challenges: from plastic waste piling up around the world to the paper recycling market going up and down or to increasing demand for biogas and biomethane … Continued

3 January 2023

2.10 billion euros to improve the Italian waste management system and circular economy

THE NRRP FUNDS WILL IMPROVE THE COLLECTION AND RECYCLING OF MSW, ORGANIC WASTE, PAPER, AND PLASTIC The National Recovery and Resilience Plan, also known as the NRRP, makes 24.9 billion euros available to relaunch the Italian economy following the pandemic and encourage the country’s ecological and digital transition. The Plan provides 2.10 billion euros to … Continued

12 December 2022

Improve your industrial recycling process with Ecostar disc screens

LEARN MORE ABOUT INDUSTRIAL WASTE RECYCLING AT OUR STAND AT THE ECOMONDO FAIR We have been in the business of industrial waste recycling for 25 years, having developed mobile and stationary screeners and technologies to bring more value into the recycling process by recovering the most useful materials and giving operators the right equipment to … Continued

24 October 2022

Ecostar, innovator in the waste screening technology field since 1997

ECOSTAR CELEBRATES ITS 25th ANNIVERSARY IN THE MECHANICAL SEPARATION OF WASTE AND RECYCLABLE MATERIALS INDUSTRY Following 25 years of technological innovation in the treatment of waste and recyclable materials, Ecostar celebrates its 25th anniversary and the opening of a brand-new office. Set to bring its contribution to a more efficient recycling industry, by recovering and … Continued

12 October 2022

Ecostar launches “Expect Perfection” campaign

NEW COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN Ecostar presents its new communication campaign “Expect Perfection”. Ecostar has always been synonymous with the most advanced and refined technology in the mechanical separation of waste, today represented by the Dynamic Disc Screening patented technology. For the last 20 years, Ecostar has been revolutionizing the materials separation market, redefining standards in terms … Continued

15 May 2020

2019 Ecostar Results

2019 ECOSTAR RESULTS AND OUTLOOK FOR 2020 2019 was a significant year in the history of the Ecostar brand. In addition to the generational management change that took place in January 2019, the company saw its turnover grow by 16% compared to the already excellent results achieved in 2018. More customers have placed their trust … Continued

2 March 2020

ECOSTAR announces the new Board of Directors

ECOSTAR ANNOUNCES THE NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS Finding the right timing for a company generational change can be really demanding, but at the same time, necessary. The founder, Domenico Cappozzo, thanks to his entrepreneurial mindset and his constant drive for innovation and development that have been part of Ecostar for more than 20 years, has … Continued

14 March 2019