Superior screening solutions for a better world

Towards a more efficient recycling industry

Ecostar is synonymous with state of the art technologies in the mechanical separation of waste and the waste materials sector. Thanks to Dynamic Disc Screening technology, many types of waste can be used efficiently today as clean fuels and energy sources.
Ecostar’s market is primarily manufacturers of waste disposal plants and those for the production of biomass, ecofriendly fuels and compost, renewable energy, and both public and private utility and multi-utility companies.


Ecostar is a company founded on family values and in operation since 1997. Its reference market is that of machinery for the separation of waste and recyclable materials and their transformation into resources to create energy and minimize the human impact on the environment as much as possible.

Passion and Responsibility are also paramount with a focus on continuous growth where innovation, consultancy and training services are an integral part of its business model. 

To respond to the changing needs of the sector, Ecostar invented Dynamic Disc Screening technology; an ongoing challenge that involves the conception, design and production of screening machines featuring new solutions and new patents. 

Challenges and goals made possible by a cohesive organization, committed to optimizing its organizational processes, but also to investing in the human resources needed to achieve efficiency and work satisfaction. 

All this has ensured Ecostar a global reputation of honesty and quality, first of all among our customers and partners.


Where you can find us

Ecostar is present globally with its Dynamic Disc Screening technology and works with specialist partners for the construction of waste recycling plants, the resale of its screening machines, and for after-sales technical support. The most important materials recycling companies have chosen the efficiency and reliability of Ecostar solutions based on its dynamic disc screens.